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How far

By: Ismail Asso*

Inaugural members of the MRP since the beginning of the period 2011-2016 and continues to delay delayed finally inaugurated on Tuesday (04/12/2011) by the minister Fauzi Gamawan. The government as usual to use "iron fist", to secure the inauguration procession because there are issues among pro-democracy and human rights activists in Papua that would thwart the inauguration on the grounds that Mubes Papuan People have been returning Autonomy with 11 demands to the central government has not been answered.

Worried that issue for the inauguration of the new MRP members, government muster thousands of military personnel every corner of the city, among them were imported from outside Papua anticipate a wave of protests. Church leaders appeal for the inauguration was delayed in order to respect the atmosphere of grief, the death Agus Alue Alua, chairman of the MRP long been neglected. Ignoring fatsun (ethics), the political requirement to respect human rights and democracy, listening to the inner voice of the people of Papua, the government still obtrude lawyer-political-durable despotism. His command is clear; Shoot the place! Anyone bother inauguration of the new MRP.

MRP long period of service members actually discharged from the year 2010 since they were appointed in October 2005 for the period of 5 years. As a result here is predictable, election of new members of the MRP is fairly bad, again the tradition of despotism. It was seen from the delay to the process of extending the service period is long MRP membership. State intervention and hegemony through Papua Kesbangpol State involvement as elements BIN, BAIS and the State intelligence is very dominant. It is known that these elements into all professions jobs Papua. There is no work in the lives of Papuans without the escape of these elements of espionage.

MRP Politics?

According the Special Autonomy Law N0 21 of 2002, as an institution that instusionalisasi MRP-representation of indigenous cultures of Papua (Papuan indigenous representative institutions) and according to Regulation No. 54 of 2005, has the function to maintain, protect and develop indigenous people of Papua (preserve, protect and develop the indigenous people of Papua). So should the government wants, as defined by Government Regulation (PP) that MRP functions. Therefore, for this desire to limit support groups, up to certain limits is strictly prohibited by the movement of members of the MRP to not talk about politics let alone play politics.

For supporters of the anti-MRP talk politics, if a member is absolutely haraam then MRP play politics, without mecaritahu or more correct to say, do not want to know, what formula, history, growth and development and come from what language, whether it is real political difini etymologically and terminology according to experts in political science and contemporary classice. Politics derivation of other meanings police, politburo, metro-policy etc. terartur meaningful life in a region called the city. Hence the philosopher Aristotle once said that human beings are political animals (Zoon Politicon). This means that anyone on his inherent human element as the laws, natural law, natural.

MRP Land?

So be very strange if the deceased son miraculously Agus Alue Alue and Mrs. Hana Yikoyabi given a warning to clarify his political stance as long as this attitude, to be given within 14 days for clarification of that attitude (star of Papua, 14 April 2011). Is not Mother Hana Hikoyabi MRP function properly and perform correctly according to the mandate of the Special Autonomy Law? If you need to clarify who is entitled to demand clarification? Lord of the plebeian or Papua? If it is asked Agus Didi, who Agus Didi? Papuan People's he do? Agus Didi siapanya elements of indigenous Papuans?

If properly internalized that should hold rekruitman members should not Kesbangpol Papua MRP, MRP because its function is not appropriate State agencies, but traditional institutions (Cultur Papua). So far in the future should be reviewed and how much, capacity, integrity Agus Didi entitled to interfere in personal affairs and indigenous culture of the Papuans if true Agus Didi people of Papua and may be entitled to interfere with, regulate, and so forth and then hold election of MRP members. Surely the State may not interfere with indigenous Papuans unique culture amid diversity of Indonesia. Banish Agus Didi from Papua!

Advise keepers of cultural institutions similar to the existing MPR only on two provinces special autonomy of Aceh and Papua, pelembagaannya itself originally intended to make room actualization expression leaders Papuan independence fighters from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Later this institution as a kind of fruit simalakama hiduppun not want to die shrink. This means that if the dissolution is not possible because the MRP is a place where all representatives of indigenous cultures of Papua-assemble to give consideration to the Cagub-Cawagub and control the regional administration of special and oversee the central government policy is the mandate of the Special Autonomy Law. But if there is still often considered to be always pitched voiced aspirations that lead to the disintegration of separatism.

So natural that ensued attraction between two different ideological interests that (in the sense NKRI fixed price and fixed price independent Papua) until the election of members of the MRP volume II eventually dragged from the beginning, from the making of the Act, the articles that are problematic, socialization general, rekruitman process, which is not transparent candidate selection and management engineering. In short the whole process without adequate public dissemination and finally become reasonable and fair that later became prominent current wave of protests by desire of some of the people of Papua, which continues to demand that the MRP was disbanded because it did not bring any benefit to the people of Papua.

Why did all this happen? What is certain since neither institutionalized MRP recommendations adhered to the central government NKRI. For example, Decree No. 14 of 2009 MRP for level II or Regional Head and Deputy Mayor both have native Papuans, recommendations for Freeport closed, the last 11 recommendations made Mubes MRP mediated Rakyat Papua Special Autonomy of Papua restore and more. However, if we read and observe the Papua Special Autonomy Law of the Chapter, Article to Paragraph whole law. So really honestly should be recognized here that the central government NKRI many meningkari for not saying the central government hypocrites because a lot of breaking its own rules of law that made it.

If you lived in essence the Special Autonomy Law No. 21 and 25, and PP formation MRP No. 54 all formulas only dead words and a series of letters lifeless that it's all completely meaningless to the people of Papua showed signs of the truth about the failure of special autonomy in Papua and West Papua. Even if on paper but written and arranged neatly in the implementation of Papua Special Autonomy was never implemented on the contrary it is very dangerous central intervention in high-stage deadly Autonomy itself. The government seemed half-hearted implement special autonomy in Papua.

President as an organizer / manager of governance of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) through the presidential oath in front and by the MPR. The President as executor Mandaris Assembly Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR) to appoint several assistants (Secretary). One of the MPR decree in 1999-2001 in the administration of the State, one of commendation is the necessity of central authority in the region through the Special Autonomy Law. Appreciation of the implementation of special autonomy for Papua, there is the uniqueness of indigenous cultures in the middle of the Indonesian nation state governance system unitary republic of Indonesia.

But by ignoring the mandate of the government to destroy all of the rights of the uniqueness of Papua in the diversity of the nation in which diundanngkan NKRI through the Papua Special Autonomy Law. And Interior Minister revoked the spirit of the Papua Special Autonomy became lifeless presumed dead. This means Unitary authorities had violated the constitution which mandated the entire people of Indonesia through the oath of office in front of the MPR / DPR RI president-elect sworn in as chairman of MPR.

*Ismail Asso : General Chairman of communication forum muslim central highlands of Papua

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